Best Learn Quran is a online Quran teaching institute which provides young generation an easy way to learn Quran from the comfort of their homes. Best Learn Quran is founded by a group of people who believe that every Muslim deserves to read Quran in the correct way.
Our focus is on Tajweed as it defines the basic rules of reading Quran. We provide online Quran classes of all ages specially kids.  Our aim is to make the process of learning Quran both fun as well as enjoyable so that the kids don’t feel stressed or bored. We have both Male and female Quran tutors to teach Quran for Kids.
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Sessions Taught

Best Learn Quran is more concerned for quality education. We do our best to deliver quality classes by hiring educated, trained and Expert Quran Teachers. Because most of the parents have no idea of how a good Quran Teacher and process of Quran Teaching Online should be. To ensure the utmost level of Online Quran Learning Classes we choose our staff very carefully. Alhamdolillah, we have so far conducted more than 20,000+ sessions.


Learn Quran with Tajweed, Learn Quran translation and Quran memorization.Have both non-native and native arabic speaking teachers. We also have female Quran teachers.Our teachers can communicate in many languages including English, Arabic and Urdu


Now is the time to raise your kids like Muslims kids, give them the blessing of Quran and lay the foundation of a good Muslim or Muslimah!!! Reading Quran, learning Quran and being able to understand Quran are the first steps highly needed to enable your kids to be able to teach Quran. Quran is the biggest miracle of Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) – a person unable to recite and understand Quran, is far from getting blessing from Allah (ﷺ) and properly understanding the underlying message of Muhammad (ﷺ).