A good brought up can give a good person to society. Therefore, it is said that the best gift which can be given by parents is education. It is the first and foremost duty of every Muslim to adorn his kids with the glaring teaching of Islam. We have offered different courses for Kids to Learn the Basics of Islamic Knowledge. In our Basic Islam Course for Kids, your kids can learn the following teachings of Islam from our qualified teachers.

Course Content for Kids

Your kids have a chance to learn the following things;

Basic Pillars of Islam

In the basic pillars of Islam, we will teach and give all the necessary information to your kids. By seeing the performed practical, your kids will learn the exact method.

In basic Pillars of Islam, we will make the practice to our students of Salaah. Moreover, the importance of other pillars will also be enlightened in this course. Fast, Hajj, Zakat, and Faith will also be taught in this course.

6 Kalmiahs

Besides from basic pillars of Islam, all the 6 Kalimahs with translation will also be memorized by Kids. Revision of all the Kalimahs has also been included in the course.

Small Prayers

Different types of prayers are also part of basic Islam for Kids course.  Almost 20 small prayers will also be learned by heart to the students. These prayers can be read in our daily routine life. For example prayer for sleeping, prayer for going to the washroom, and prayer for eating food have enlisted for this course.

We can say that in this course there is a lot to know for your kids. Kids can explore Islam by joining the course.